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Woo Hoo Ways to Save $$$
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Woo Hoo Ways to Save $$$

     There are some exciting new marketing methods being put into play with other local businesses
so I'm changing what I was offering in order to spread the love!
     If you are a customer, client or member of a business with which I have an alliance you can qualify
for a 10% discount on top of whatever specials I may be offering.
     Example:  I'm offering $500 off to Celebrate the birth of Christ.  But if you're child attends Child's Way
Learning Center on Oak Meadow Drive you can also get another 10% discount which is a $750 savings.
     Another way to save is by sending me clients.  For each client you refer to me you get credit for 10% of
whatever they spend towards your own services.
     Check this blog to see the growing list of businesses which will qualify you for a discount!
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