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Swimsuit Special $900 Off an Ab Series- 1/2 Price
List of Business Alliances!
Woo Hoo Ways to Save $$$
Earn Free Body Contouring
How to Get an Ab Series for 1/2 price


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Swimsuit Special $900 Off an Ab Series- 1/2 Price

Oh gosh we all hate this time of year when we have to see ourselves in our swimsuits again.  I know how you feel so let's do a Beauty Stimulus and get rid of our winter layers! 

Normally $1800 for 12 appointments = $150 per appt.

Now $900 for 12 appointments or $75 each appointment.

A few clients have lost a dress size in a week / 4 appts.

List of Business Alliances!

If you are a customer, client or member of one of the following businesses you qualify for a 10% discount.
1.  Child's Way Creative Learning Center
     7212 Oak Meadow Drive
     Austin, TX 78736
     (512)  288-0802
     BTW, they are awesome.  My granddaughter attended and they are just wonderful providers and truly
     love their kiddos!
I'm also talking to Curves here in Oak Hill and Planet Fitness so stay tuned to see who else may join us.

Woo Hoo Ways to Save $$$

     There are some exciting new marketing methods being put into play with other local businesses
so I'm changing what I was offering in order to spread the love!
     If you are a customer, client or member of a business with which I have an alliance you can qualify
for a 10% discount on top of whatever specials I may be offering.
     Example:  I'm offering $500 off to Celebrate the birth of Christ.  But if you're child attends Child's Way

Earn Free Body Contouring

     For every client you send to me you will earn 10% of what they
spend with me towards your own body contouring!  It's that simple!

How to Get an Ab Series for 1/2 price

     Buy any series and get an abdomen series for 1/2 price.
     The abdomen is the core of our energy system.  Because this therapy is working with the energy system any area of the body that you want to improve will have BETTER results if you start with an abdomen series first.
     This is a PERFECT time to get your belly and your breasts done.  And the best part is that it isn't uncommon to see improvements in your face and neck as well as the "back fat" under the bra going away too.
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