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"For twenty years, I could not stand the feel of my stomach due to deep pregnancy stretch marks.  After all these years, I finally have a smooth belly that I'm able to touch!"  Lora G., Bastrop, TX
“Not only did Kathy work on my physique on the outside I felt like she was my therapist on the inside.  I enjoyed and looked forward to each one of our sessions together.  The pictures speak for themselves.  I feel beautytek loosened up and eliminated it once I switched to a clean diet and exercise.  Thank you Kathy for helping me reach my goals and pushing me into the right direction.”  Beth H., Austin, TX
"I was almost done with my 12 session series when Kathy acknowledged her concern that she had not seen expected results since my third appointment.  I had to agree but had seen the pictures of her other clients so I knew this therapy worked, perhaps it just wasn't going to work for me.  Well, she wasn't satisfied with that attitude so when I arrived for my last appointment she sat down and placed one hand on each side of my head 'for therapeutic reasons'.  She sat there for a few minutes and was admittedly concerned that she wasn't feeling what she referred to as a 'cranio-sacral rhythm'.  She then moved to my side and placed one hand under the base of my skull and the other hand under my low back.  After a few minutes she began to explain about this system she was seeking and that there was no flow present and why that was a concern.  A few minutes later she began to tell me about a 'gift' in her hands and that she was now able to feel pain coming up into her arms from my body.  She explained that this was what she called 'stuck energy' that could actually create issues in the human body.  She then began asking me if there was anything in my medical history that could explain this.  I told her that I had recently had spinal menengitis and that the medical personel had made five attempts to do a spinal tap before they were successful.  She surmised that each prick of the needle had somehow led to this blocked energy creating a small scar which can 'block energy flow in the body'.  I couldn't agree or disagree but laid on the table and let her do her job.  I was able to feel an increase in warmth and a tingling sensation so I certainly felt that something was happening beyond hocus-pocus.  After several hours she reported that the pain had stopped and she was able to feel a very slight flow in the cranial-sacral rhythm and asked if I was able and willing to go forward with the baby belly reduction as well.  We were both anxious to see if this made a change so I had the time and agreed to stay.
After she finished with the baby belly protocol I could not believe my eyes when we looked at the pictures.  My belly had completely gone down and was better than we had seen in the last eight appointments!  Kathy explained her theory that the spinal taps had created scars that were blocking the energy from flowing and the energy we had been putting in my body with the equipment was merely staying in the belly and was likely the reason my abdomen was expannding instead of getting smaller.  She blew my mind!  I am a chemistry teacher and love science and almost went into medical school.  My mind was racing as I said, 'I didn't know energy had mass...I've never thought of it that way."  She replied, 'Well, let's see Energy Equals Matter at... E=MC...the first part of that equation is energy equals matter and matter has mass even if it's subatomic.  This equipment produces a LOT of energy.'
What I want you to see is that Kathy is committed to the success of her clients IF you do your part she will absolutely bring all of herself to the situation to assure that you get what you are paying for.  She gave me a few more sessions (free) and continued to work on improving the cranial-sacral rhythm's strength and vibrancy at each appointment.  The circle of numbness in my spine around the area of the spinal tap has disappeared, the weird tingling in my legs that was getting progressively worse ceased and I generally felt better all over.  I had been sick three times since having the spinal menengitis and feel certain that this blockage she found had everything to do with my immune system not working properly.  I have not been sick again since she worked on me in this way.  I can't imagine what my medical history would have looked like had I not encountered this amazing woman.  I am deeply grateful!
Kathy is a gifted and knowledgeable therapist with some unique and wonderful equipment and the heart of a healer.  She changed me in other ways as well.  You will LOVE her!  She's worth every penny you spend with her."  Amber L., Austin, TX
“I love the way you handle people, your sweetness, how relaxing your ambiance was and how informative and knowledgeable you are.”  Maria C., Austin, TX
“Kathy is an enlightened and aware spirit that will surely make an impact on your life.”  Suellen C,  The Hills, Austin, TX
“.. today I found out that I'm 4-5 weeks pregnant! Naturally! Without any fertility :) … guess I have to wait longer to do my breasts and now have to have my baby belly done again… maybe the treatments and the recommended supplement helped me start to ovulate (even though I never did get a period). Crazy!! And after 12 years of doctors saying it would never happen naturally AND trying naturally for so long.  Thanks again and I will definitely be coming back after baby :)  …was sad that my series was ending, I looked forward to every appointment with you.  ...husband went from ignoring to attentive and even jealous.  :)”  Gina L., Austin, TX
“Kathy was amazing.  I loved the results of the therapy and also faced some adverse blood work while seeing her.  She told me what she would do if she were in my shoes and I did it and before the second set of blood work came back the blood had already improved.  She’s an amazing person, therapist and friend.  I went back to see Kathy for a touch-up treatment and was shocked to see that my body had still been making improvements even though I had not seen her in six months!  Ask her to show you my pictures!!!”  Shellie H., Austin, TX
“I definitely recommend Kathy's services.  After several treatments, I noticed a real decrease in the volume of my tummy and my waist was returning!   Clients should drink plenty of water ( which was hard for me) while being treated because you will see more improvement this way.  Kathy also has gobs of knowledge on living a healthy lifestyle that if followed, will really improve your results.  Kathy was a real joy to work with and a blessing, for sure.”  Denise H., Round Rock, TX
“My husband was so thrilled.  Said it “saved him $20,000 on a tummy tuck.”  Jennifer H. Austin, TX
“I cried several times while viewing my before/after pictures during the series.  The results were truly unbelievable.  Kathy also gave me some tips on controlling symptoms of my fibromyalgia that were so much better than the crippling prescription meds I’d been given. 
…so grateful.”  Marqueisha, Round Rock, Texas
"I saw results within three sessions and gained a great friend."  Ann
"... likely saved my marriage."  Irma, San Marcos, TX
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