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For optimum results this service is sold as a series of 12 sessions done over 4 to 6 weeks.  However, we know this is a "show n tell" world and we want to show you what you can expect so we are offering pricing for 3, 6, 9 or 12 sessions on a prorated basis. 

Be advised that some times, the most powerful sessions are seen in the appointments 10 - 12 due to the momentum of energy in the tissues.  Gradual changes are seen at each appointment and evaluated with pre and post session pictures at each appointment.

48 Hours is required between appointments to facilitate physiological changes.

Abdomen Series 45-60 min each appt
$175.00 each for 12 appts = $2100.00 series
Breast Lift Series 60-75 min each appt
$200.00    "       "12 appts = $2400.00 series
Face Lift Series 60-75 min each appt
$200.00    "       "12 appts = $2400.00 series
Glute Lift Series 60-75 min each appt
$200.00    "       "12 appts = $2400.00 series
Thigh Reduction/Smoothing 90 min each appt
$250.00    "       "12 appts = $3000.00 series
Arm Tightening Series 90 min each appt
$175.00    "       "12 appts = $2100.00 series
Scar Removal-time depends on size of scar
$175/hr.; special pricing w/series purchase
Acne- time depends on size of area
$175/hr.; special pricing w/series purchase

Price variation is the result of treatment time, number of probes used/cleaned in session and amount of conductive gel required for each body area.  Also, I love my clients and appreciate that you're spending money with me.  If you're spending money with me and want to do other areas I will adjust the price.  It's sort of my own version of "Loyalty Rewards."  

These treatments also adequately address cellulite with significant smoothing.
Add-On Services May ONLY be sold in conjunction with body contouring services.

Accelerated Cellulite Treatment:  $100 or buy a package of 5 for $85 each.
    This is an Add On Service (additional 45 minutes) that enhances the fat burning process.
    May only be started after the 4th body session.
     * Prices subject to change without notice.
     * Individual results will vary.
     * Contraindications are pregnancy and pacemaker.

More pictures of scar services can be seen at

Further Information: BeautyTek is unique in several ways. One distinction is that it actually improves the physiology (the function) of the body. It's these improvements that are then responsible for the exterior changes we see.  (Make the body well on the inside and the results will show on the outside.)  Therefore, even though the exterior changes appear satisfactory the subsequent treatments continue to improve the health-inducing aspects of the treatments and contribute significantly to the long lasting effects.  Another unique attribute of this therapy is that it isn't uncommon to have substantial changes to areas outside of the treated area.  For instance, abdomen therapy routinely improves face, neck, loss of back fat (around bra) as well as the desired change in the torso. I noticed after my sixth abdomen treatment that my eyeliner went on more smoothly.  Another client noted slimming in her arms during her abdomen treatments. In summary, the treated area is not the ONLY place you'll see improvements.  It's energy traveling throughout the body. 
This therapy is non-surgical, non-invasive, pain-free and even relaxing so there's no down-time or recovery.  It's the perfect solution when you need to look good NOW or for an event in the immediate future.
It melts fat, tightens saggy skin, lifts drooping body areas and even erases keloid scars while adding a beautiful glow to your body and smoothes out uneven dimpling, better known as cellulite.  Call and schedule a time to come see the client pictures!

No nasty radio-frequency laser energy here!  It's natural
microcurrent energy that's already in our body.
     In some cases more than 12 sessions may be desired if there's a high
volume of dense tissue.   
Sessions beyond the required twelve will be priced at 1/12th the series price.
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