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The theory of Beautytek is simple; 

make the body well from the inside
and the benefits will show on the outside.


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Actual client with 2 year-old twins.
    12 Appts Over 30 Days
tightens skin, reduces fat and the appearance of stretch marks, smooths wrinkles, lifts breasts
reduces the appearance of stretch marks, tightens skin
     You can learn more about this therapy and see more before and after pics on my original website: Http://  Most of the pictures on that site are the manufacturer's stock photos which are an accurate representation of what this equipment does. The pictures on this site are all actual clients.  I don't think the pictures are as impressive here so you may also choose to come and meet me, see the equipment and see pictures of actual clients or I can send you pictures by email.

How It Works
     I'm thrilled to offer this cutting-edge technology that uses microcurrents to improve the physiology of the body so that the mechanisms can then improve appearance.  Imagine that, the body knows how to make itself look better!  Microcurrents are an energy form that already exists within the body and in this case is less than that emitted by the human heart.  This is a vast contrast from radio frequency (lasers) which are a foreign energy.  This foreign energy, in my opinion, requires a significant demand from the immune system as injury to the tissues is the mechanism whereby it produces change.  As a natural health advocate, I'm not in favor of injuring the body for cosmetic goals.  I'm a massage therapist who lives a healthy lifestyle so I wanted a method of addressing body issues that's safe AND effective.  Online research showed laser technology, although it may excel in various medical procedures, is not necessarily the best option for cosmetic purposes.  Online independent reviews of various forms of procedures indicate a mere 50% overall satisfaction rate.  My personal concerns are with it's safety.  In this business I've heard many stories of injury and pain-filled sessions beyond what the client was prepared for or expected to endure with unacceptable results.  That's not what I offer.

     This therapy consists of two computers.  One is simply a Dell tower that runs the software for the proprietary computer.  A typical session consists of the client holding a hand bar covered with a conductive gel.  The therapist then places another electrode on the part of the body being addressed which is also covered with conductive gel.  When the operator presses the trigger on the electrode the computer then begins the session by essentially taking a picture, (metaphorically speaking), of your constantly-changing energy profile.  The computer then sends this data back to the proprietary computer where it is analyzed and interpreted.  The proprietary computer then creates a customized signal for your specific body at that moment in time.  It continues this signal-monitoring, interpretation and exchange process over 900 times per second so that you are constantly receiving a customized session.  When the computer determines "energetic equilibrium" in the tissues, the session is complete.

     Twelve sessions make up one series and are carried out no sooner than every 48 hours.  However, you must come for your appointments at least twice a week and preferably three times per week for optimum results.

     Changes are permanent as long as you maintain although it is recommended that you have a single touch-up session once every four months.  One manufacturer picture indicates that changes can still be in progress 10 months later with NO touch-up.

     You must be a healthy non-smoker with no known disease, pregnancy or electronic devices in place in your body.  You will need to consume at least two liters of water daily.

      I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Kathy Bates
Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist
Texas Lic # MT009028

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